Miss America 2018

Preliminary Competition: September 6, 7, and 8, 2017, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm ET
Final Night: September 10, 2017 at 9:00 pm ET, broadcast live on ABC

Preliminary Night Photos from Julius Tolentino. Click here.


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Below is information about Miss America hotel rates, Show Me Your Shoes parade tickets, and Miss America pageant tickets as well as the After Party. All of these items are ordered by the individual and not through the state.

Fax Credit Purchase Request Form

Miss America 2017 Photos by Julius Tolentino

Miss America 2018 Guide to Badges, Competition and Parade Tickets, Hotel Information, Post Pageant After-Party


2018 Badge Ordering Instructions-Payment of $40 must be received by July 31st.  Cost is $40 per badge.  Please email vicki@missva.org with your badge request.

The official 2018 Miss America badge is required for certain events and issued for identification and security purposes.  Badges allow access to Open Rehearsals (cameras are not permitted), and Contestant Visitation after Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday prelim nights. For the final night of competition, an After-Party ticket can be purchased. Details on purchasing After Party tickets will be published later.

The Miss Virginia date for payment and ordering badges is Wednesday, July 31st!

All badges require a recent photograph of the proposed badge holder. If the proposed badge holder received a badge to last year's National Finals, then their photo is on file.

1) Badge orders are only accepted from the State ED.

2) Badges are provided to volunteers within the state organizations and the family and friends of the national contestants. Badges are not issued to competition /pageant coaches or members of a coaching business.

3)  It is the responsibility of the State ED to approve their own badge list and the list of the parents to ensure a coach is not inadvertently list.

4) The 2018 MAO Badge price is $40.00 per badge.

5) All photos are also uploaded to the form site in the area specified.  All photos must be .jpg files.

6) Each photo must be labeled with the proposed badge-holders state and name: i.e., AL Jane Smith; AK John Brown. 

7) Badges requested during competition week in Atlantic City will require State ED approval or the approval of the contestant’s parents for their family and friends. The cost of a badge if ordered during competition week is $55.00.

8) Replacement cost for a lost badge is $55.00 regardless of initial payment price.

9) Badges must be kept clear of any stick-on logos or slogans.

The Miss America Organization provides complimentary badges to the 2018 Miss America Contestants and the 2017 MAO Teen State Titleholders.

Badges are the property of the Miss America Organization and may only be used by the person to whom it is issued. Sharing of badges is a serious security breach and will result in badge confiscation and removal of both parties from the event. Miss America Organization officials can at their discretion, revoke the use of a badge at any time.

Badge Forms

State Committee Badges (Blue Form): All State Committee members, their spouses and children 21 yrs & older.

Local Committee Badges (Yellow Form): All Local Committee members, their spouses and children 21 yrs & older.

Guest Badges (Green Form): Sponsors of your program, their guests, and former “Miss” National Contestants, their spouses and children 21 yrs & older.

Special Guest (Pink Form): State and Local Contestants currently eligible to compete in the Miss America system and the children of our state and local volunteers between the ages 6 and 20 years old. May attend “open” rehearsals, but not functions with certain age restrictions or possible future judging conflicts.

Parents, Family & Friends (Purple Form): Parents, family and friends of the 2018 National Contestant only. All organization volunteers must be included on the State or Local Committee Forms - NOT the Parents Form.

All badge or badge photo-related questions, please contact: Your State Executive Director or Mary Ellen Lucia at maryellen@missamerica.org.



We are excited to share that the 2018 Miss America Competition Tickets is now available to Friends and Family. Like last year, those in the Friends and Family category can order their own tickets and will still be seated with the state delegation. Each person in the Friends and Family category that places an order will have the tickets emailed directly to their inbox closer to competition.

We also understand that the message of "Opening Soon" is misleading when you initially click on the link. This message is there because the site is currently closed to the public. Please follow the directions below to enter the site and place your order.

1. Click here: https://order.missamerica.org/password

2. In the upper right corner where it says, "Enter Using Password" please type in Savvy2018. Do not forget to capitalize the S in Savvy.

3. It will take you directly to the site to order.


Tickets to the Miss America “Show Us Your Shoes” Parade taking place on Saturday, September 9th are also on sale now to Friends and Family. The tickets are available once again through ExtremeTix. Please click the purchase link below and use the interactive map to select your section and seat before checking out. If you have any trouble with your order, please contact ExtremeTix toll-free at 1-888-695-0888.

Purchase Parade Tickets







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