Board of Directors


Stephen A. Musselwhite

Chairman of the Board

Harlen mar2013 sm

Harlen Gudger

Co-Executive Director/President

2013 National Academy of Honor Winner

2 mcgravely1 jt

M.C. Gravely

Co-Executive Director and

Business Manager

3 BillySue20Musselwhite

Billie Sue Musselwhite


Debra anderson jul17

Debra Anderson

Recording Secretary


Donna Harris


 Mark Profile 1 2

Mark Schreier

Director of Marketing & Production,


 7 bootie chewning apr12 jt

Bootie Chewning

Executive Producer

9 zimmerman bob

Robert Zimmerman

Co-Treasurer and Scholarship Committee

 11 Linda Dove

Linda Haas

Executive Director of the Princess,

Teen in Training and Outstanding Teen Pageant

 13 Vicki

Vicki Gudger

Miss America Preparation Team


Ernie Myers 2016

Ernie Myers

Chief of Field Operations, Judges Committee

Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams

Chairman of the Ticket Commitee and Publicity Committee

Matt Hogan 2016


Matt Hogan

Chairman of Contesant Meals Committee, Security Committee


Cally Smith BD sm 

Cally Smith

Pageant Administrator

 14 CallieDalton 400 DPI

Callie Dalton

 16 patrickmoore

Patrick Moore

17 paticeholland

Patice Holland


Field Directors

A Field Director serves as an ambassador to the State organization in all
areas of pageantry. They are representatives of the state pageant organization
and serve as an official liaison between the state and local pageant. They are
responsible for maintaining effective communication with their assigned pageants
and serve as a resource for rules and regulations according to the Miss America
Organization and the state organization.

Ernie Myers 2016

Ernie Myers

Chief of Field Operations

 1 Karen Hancock

Karen Hancock

New Pageant Contact Person

shannon 2017

Shannon Myers



 4 Don Buckley

Don Buckley


 5 lisasmith

Lisa Smith





Associate Board


Caitlin (Uze) Kodack

ABC School Tour Coordinator

Ferrera Headshot2 sm

Rosemary (Willis) Ferrera

Social Media, Interview Preparation &

Matthew Schreier

Matthew Schreier

Social Media, Marketing & Fundraising

Ivy Orecchio 2016

Ivy Depew Orecchio

Social Media and Contestant Recruitment


Amanda (Miller) Akers

CMNH Fundraising

Elizabeth Atwood BD sm

Elizabeth Atwood

In-Kind Scholarships

Jennifer Bailey BD sm

Jennifer Bailey

Program Book Coordinator